• YouTube Sensation

  • Admin03/20/2013
  • As a valley intern, there are some things myself and fellow interns miss out on in the internet world. For example, the YouTube video of the “Harlem Shake” was so foreign to us, it wasn’t discovered by one of us until a few weeks after it came out. Also, it took about a week for us to realize the Pope retired from the Vatican. We receive news from the internet slower  than most people in the world we live in, but hey we don’t mind! We love living in the valley and escaping the material things of life.

    However, the latest YouTube video most of us have become obsessed with has been a huge internet phenomenon. Someone refers to this video at least 30 times a day, being ,Max Cooper, one of the directors, or my good friend Bryann Hoffman.

    Watch the video below to see what all the craze is about!