• Woo Cerdo Sooie!

  • Admin07/08/2013
  • *Woo Cerdo Sooie is the main cheer shouted by fans of the Arkansas Razorbacks, known as the Calling of the Hogs.

    You can take the girl out of Arkansas, but you cannot take Arkansas out of the girl.  The world continues to get smaller…Hogs come to Panama.

    Everyone living in Panama knows, hopefully, of President Ricardo Martinelli, but what most people might not know is that he is an Arkansas Razorback.  Martinelli earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Arkansas in 1973. After graduating, he returned to Panama to run the supermarket chain Super 99. Martinelli continued to keep an active relationship with the University through various contributions such as the recent 100,000 dollar donation to establish the Sigma Nu Leadership Scholarship that will benefit student leaders in the fraternity.

    Kristin Hughes and President Martinelli

    Kristin poses for a photo op with the president

    To honor the University’s long-standing ties with the Latin American Nation, officials from the University of Arkansas and Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Science held an Alumni event in Panama. The event was used to renew acquaintances and strengthen the relationships that were established over 60-years ago when the University of Arkansas became the first U.S. land grant university to establish a foreign agricultural mission. This mission was created through the Point Four Program, which helped Panama develop programs in agriculture, extension, teaching and research, and the relationship continues to exist today. The University’s ambassadors celebrated this relationship as well as promoted recruitment for the school with hopes of adding to the number of Panamanian students on the Fayetteville campus.

    Kristi and Arkansas Alumni Calling the Hogs

    The traditional "calling of the hogs."

    As a current student at the University of Arkansas I am presented with many opportunities that both further my education and pursue personal goals as a young professional. One of these opportunities was presented to me when representatives from the university visited Panama. I was able to represent the university’s student body and accompany the staff to all their events including meeting President Martinelli. As a group we toured the president’s palace located in Panama’s Casco Viejo and learned all about its’ history.  We all talked, ate lunch, and of course the day would not of been complete without calling the hogs in the oval office. The hogs are called in many places all of the world, but the president’s palace in Panama was definitely a first. Along with the palace tour, the university’s associates and myself also visited the construction of Panama City’s new Metro Line and the widening of the Panama Canal. The Alumni recognition and reception was held on the last evening at the Waldolf Astoria in the heart of the city. Experiencing the global reach of my university’s community and the dedication of notable alumni to remain connected to Arkansas strengthened my Razorback pride.