• We Grow Things with our Positivity!

  • Admin03/19/2013
  • [singlepic id=6572 w=320 h=240 float=none]This stint has been particularly exciting for me because of all the new seeds we started in the greenhouse; prior to building our greenhouse, we were having a lot of trouble getting things to grow because of the dryness and the blistering sun. Consequently, when the first seedlings started to poke their heads through the soil, we were all pretty thrilled. The greenhouse is now filled with little seedlings, and when I say filled, I mean every shelf and table in the building is covered in trays. While there are probably a million reasons why the plants are succeeding, I believe it has a lot to do with our positive and deliberate energy.

    One of my favorite memories of being in the valley occurred last stint; it was after dinner and five of us got the idea to have a miniature ceremony in the greenhouse, so we all made our way to the visit the baby plants. The five of us made a funny picture all packed into the greenhouse like sardines, as we belted out the song, build me up buttercup and shook our booties around.  It was seriously a moment of pure unadulterated happiness. It’s moments like those that spark growth.

    New Growth!