• Waking up in the Jungle

  • Admin03/19/2013
  • Sometimes, when dreaming in the middle of the night I forget where I am and have the most beautiful morning awakenings as I re-realize I live outside in the jungle. Just before sunrise the insect concerto is still in full force making the most of the final minutes of darkness. As the night transitions into dawn, the birds begin their morning songs and Alejandro makes sure everyone knows he’s in charge of the coop. Sometimes the howler monkeys are close which makes for an exciting episode almost like a passionate sports crowd with all their commotion. The breeze is my favorite part, coming into the ranchos at different intensities hitting your face while physically wrapped up in your sleeping bag feels wonderful and is unlike any experience you could have sleeping inside. The sun lights the sky and a few people start to stir, swaying the rancho and gradually intensifying the whispers and laughter. And all of the sudden, everyone is a awake and joining the conversation, discussing the coffee situation and getting ready to spend another beautiful day in paradise.