• “Value Yourself ” … Because YOU Are “Essential”

  • Admin03/19/2013
  • While my Outdoor Recreation Team and I have been working very hard on the Honey Creeper Trail this past stint, I have been doing a lot of thinking while I’m trail blazing and hiking through the thick jungle greens. One night, I felt the need to journal and describe my thoughts, which is something I usually don’t have time to do. I wrote up this passage and I would like to share it with everyone out there….

    Are there times when you feel like your useless, have no direction, or just simply lost? If you do let me remind you, it’s completely normal. Each and every one of us goes through moments where we experience these emotions, sometimes short and sometimes even long term. Just remember in the end it’s going to be okay. Remember in the back of your head that you will surely one day discover your place of serendipity. It will happen when you least expect it, and happen when you’re not trying to be happy. It will happen more on the basis of discovering your happiness. You must remember life is a challenge and we all have a different path laid out. If this was not true we would have the same life and it would be living a boring one at that. When you get to this place of serendipity share it with others. Try to help and influence their life so they can reach their state of serendipity. Once more and more people start to share their happiness, it will add value and efficiency to everyone in the whole entire world. Think of it like dominos, an ongoing reaction. Each and every domino makes a difference. Giving that one domino a push so that other domino can have the same impact to the next and so on. Did you ever wonder why the world continues to grow with more and more people?  I believe people are put on this earth so they can add value to the world we all live in. Every person on this earth has impact and is responsible for a piece of the way the world is.

    If we all focus on positive energy and positive ways, I can guarantee we will for sure get positive feedback in return. Don’t think negative or think down on yourself because you will bring others down. Remember that you weigh a lot and people are depending on you. You will make a difference on more than one person’s life. The qualities and gestures we are given are so different that every person should get to experience all of these things. So when you’re feeling unsure, or lost don’t go and try to figure it out. Let it be and I promise it will come to you when you least expect it. Just keep in mind when you do find that place of serendipity don’t be selfish. Remember you have a job /task to complete. Rub the positive vibes off on other people and this will bring you in a happier state. Things aren’t always easy, but have faith, hope and some strength and believe that anything is possible. Lend someone a hand and we will all live a happier, healthier lifestyle. A little direction in life is all we need. It cannot be said any simpler than that. In fact don’t they say, “it’s the little things in life”.

    So lets make a difference in every person’s life in this whole entire world. Lets be that change. Lets be that inspiration. Lets be that key to open up doors. Lets be real, real genuine human beings. Put on a smile and remember everything only gets better. Start somewhere and wait for your time. It’s always worth the wait.

    I realized here at Kalu Yala that I am at a point in my life where there are all plenty of doors I can choose to walk through. I am graduating from undergrad in a month and half and there are already doors to choose to walk through. Who knows which one to pick! It could be right or it could be wrong. It’s all part of the experience and I’m here to put a smile on someone’s face and make a positive impression on everyone I encounter. I’m growing each and everyday here, through hard work, dedication, and friends. This place is making me into the person I am at this very exact second and is opening so many doors for me than I could ever imagine. I couldn’t be happier than to share my happiness with all my amazing friends, or should I say, family I have made here. Kalu Yala is definitely paradise.