• The Hammock Value

  • Admin03/19/2013
  • The idea of comfort changes drastically as you embark on a valley stint. Instead of the initial longings for a hot shower and running water, shade and lively conversations become anchors of the good life. Our luxury consists around the inspired invention of a hammock. Light weight, portable, quick drying, ability to shake out sand easily, comfortable and supportive in both the sitting and laying positions, equipped with a pocket for a water bottle and book of choice, shade flaps as a cover from the sun, personal choice in speed of rocking motion, the hammock provides an above ground sanctuary. They are the first seating options to fill up after the work day and some have been converted into sleeping quarters. I know that the comfort of a hammock break will always hold a special place in my heart. Living in jungle simplicity certainly provides the opportunity to appreciate the subtler luxuries in life.