• Summer 2013 Outdoor Recreation Goals

  • Admin04/24/2013
  • Goals for the Outdoor Recreation Program Summer 2013
    Director & Assistant Director Semester Goals:
    1) Demonstrate leadership skills by helping interns discover personal growth through activity, self-reflection, and mentorship.
    2) Stay focused, efficient, consistent, and motivated.
    3) Provide interns with employable skills in outdoor leadership.
    4) Facilitate leadership education and opportunities for interns to become outdoor leaders.
    5) Create activities that foster intern engagement and community.
    6) Provide an experience emphasizing adventure, environmental awareness, education, challenge, safety, and a sense of community and enjoyment.
    7) Teach environmental awareness and stewardship, engage in minimal impact activities (Leave No Trace), and create a sense of appreciation of the natural world and Kalu Yala Valley.
    8) Promote collaboration with other Valley teams, particularly the Biology Team
    “Be a leader, be efficient, be consistent, be motivated, and stay focused”.
    -Keep interns motivated to work while having fun and enjoying what they are doing.
    -Set timeline and goals each stint to ensure progression by the end of the semester.
    -Provide open communication to interns and staff to gain knowledge and work together as a team.
    -Have meetings at the beginning and end of each stint to go over goals and the work we must get accomplished.
    -Respect each other’s opinions and ideas. Brainstorming sessions will be useful to figure out best possible ideas.
    -Ensure good work ethic by motivating each other to complete and finish tasks in a timely manner.
    Possible Outdoor Recreation Projects:
    1. Trip Planning and Adventure Leadership Excursions
    Goal: To figure out one another’s leadership styles and properly learn how to plan and program an outdoor excursion.
    • Explore the Jungle
    • Learn new things through each individual
    • Develop team building, communication, leadership, and conflict skills.
    • Take part in budgeting, organizing and schedule making for trip.
    • Work as a team and learn how to properly a group safely in the wilderness.
    2. Build Low Ropes Course
    Goal: To design and build low ropes course for interns and visitors to encourage group bonding and leisure activity.
    • Make master plan and design
    • Have meetings to figure out what activities should be incorporated to course.
    • Breakdown activities by experience level and challenge of the activity.
    • Find materials around jungle that we can use for course.
    3. New Trails and Work on existing trails
    Goal: To maintain existing trails and add on to the property to provide outdoor recreation opportunities for visitors and community.
    • Explore property and brainstorm different ideas on what to add to trail.
    • Map out trail to add signage and educational stopping points throughout trail.
    • Team up with Biology and identify species and animals to educate users.
    • Clear and maintain existing trails to make sure they are in tip top shape.
    • Add picnic tables and benches for resting points along trail.
    4. GPS/ Mapping
    Goal: To get property and trails mapped to Kalu Yala.
    • Map property and trails
    5. Jungle Adventure Tours
    Goal: To allow outsiders to come experience the thrill and outdoor adventure of Kalu Yala.
    • Team up with Business Interns
    • Discuss marketing ideas and research to expand and add to Jungle Adventures.
    • Create activities and games for visitors to participate in.
    • Create surveys that we can give to visitors to see are areas of strengths, weaknesses, and what needs to be improved or added to the experience.
    6. Leisure Kickball Sports Court
    Goal: To provide another leisure activity to Kalu Yala.
    • Determine placement of field
    • Clear area, hoe down to dirt, and remove weeds and roots.
    • Rake, flatten, and add drainage
    • Lay down plastic sheeting and pin
    • Cover with sand
    7. Explore Leisure Activities such as Fishing, Biking Trails, Rock Climbing Spots, and Alternative Camping Grounds for visitors
    Goal: Add activities to add to the outdoor experience at Kalu Yala
    • Explore
    • Brainstorm
    • Test it out
    8. Working in San Miguel to Implement Outdoor Recreation Activities
    Goal: Give back to community and let them engage, experience and understand the
    • Create an Outdoor Adventure Club for families in San Miguel.
    • Work with residents to figure out their needs and wants.
    • Day or night outdoor trips to explore and see what we are doing at Kalu Yala.
    • Explore and experience the jungle.
    • Build relationships with the community of San Miguel.
    9. Species Signs
    Goal- to include knowledgeable and educational awareness along trail
    • Team up with Bio
    • Mark out areas along trail (lookouts, canopy-covered areas, high density of trees, anywhere interesting) to identify species and include on signs.
    • Determine final sign design, present proposal
    • Collect/ purchase materials for sign structures
    • Erect informational signs on trail
    10. Recreational Park
    Goal- create a unique and attractive multipurpose outdoor recreational area
    • Have allocated area cleared
    • Design layout (benches, tables, sculptures, courts etc)
    • Begin constructing “furniture”
    • Start creating artwork for park