• Summer 2013 MVP Awards

  • Admin09/24/2013
  • At the end of the semester, all students cast their votes for the MVP Award. It is based on Kalu Yala Independent Study Abroad and Entrepreneurial Internships’s mantra of “Positive, passionate and pursuing your goals”.

    Agriculture: Maddy Partridge of University of Virginia

    Architecture: Joe Barge of University of Georgia

    Biology: Keeli Curtis of Purdue University

    Buisness: Edward Tian of Rice University

    Education: Katie Kalina of Arizona State University

    Health and Wellness: Brenda Barrett of The Pennsylvania State University

    Outdoor Recreation: Buddy Thomas of Arkansas Tech

    Overall Student MVP

    1. Maddy Partridge of Univeristy of Virginia
    2. Buddy Thomas of Arkansas Tech
    3. Sara Lamb of Mississippi State University
    4. Melissa Tabke of Texas Tech
    5. Tie: Jennifer Ford of Mount Royal University (Canada), Deea Tartar of HZ University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), and Rick Sholander of California State University- Fresno.

    Staff MVP

    1. Brigitte Desvaux, Kalu Yala-based Operations Director
    2. Kelly Hoormann, Health and Wellness Director
    3. Tie: Bryann Hoffman, Outdoor Recreation Director, and Aaron Prairie, Biology Director
    4. Esteban Gast, Education Director
    5. Alix Tingle, Business Director