• Summer 2013 Architecture Goals

  • Admin05/01/2013
  • Architecture Program Vision

    To approach the evolving concept of design at Kalu Yala in an innovative and informed manner by bringing fresh perspectives on topics of architecture, planning, and civil engineering concerning the Kalu Yala community.

    Director Semester Goals

    Collaborate with Architecture for Humanity to learn about how to create projects geared toward design for San Miguel

    Continue Flash Seminars project for Business + Architecture Program, and help facilitate seminars for San Miguel + Kalu Yala-based programs

    Develop a useful curriculum for students with a wide variety of interests and lead weekly discussions on an aspect of design (to be defined liberally) that will hopefully foster mindful collaboration between interns

    • Personal project: work on a short web series on architectural/design elements of Panama City & the area

    List of Architecture Intern Projects

    1.     Create plans for a building in the founders’ village- Plans will be created for potential future implementation and be reviewed by members of George’s team at the completion of the internship

    2.     Creating future plans for our first structure, a ‘learning building’ (potentially for an interiorarchitecture intern)

    3.     Analyze an element of the regulating code

    4.     Research another part of the form-based code, such as public space standards, environmental-resource standards, etc.

    5.     Hydropower project [to work with Bill Wilson]

    6.     Work with Aaron + Biology Program on setting biodiversity goals in planning/codes- How can we secure a more ecologically-responsible development plan?