• Summer 2013 Agriculture Goals

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  • Contents

    1. Mission Statement

    2. Techniques

    3. Goals

    4. Agriculture Projects

    5. Tasks

    A)  Mission Statement:

    The agriculture program will be working to further expand the size of the farm and work to create the base of the future Kalu Yala village and through that have an actual hand in the physical creation of part of the village.

    My vision for the farm right now is to see it as a living lab/example area.  What this means is that there will be many different types of farming methods being used, composting techniques, different style chicken coops, etc.  The idea is that either a new intern or visitor (eco-tourist?), can come witness plethora of  agricultural methods being used.  I believe this is inevitable since every semester agriculture students will come down and have projects that add new elements to the farm.  As well as the farm being what I have just described the end goal will be that there will be food from all these different methods.

    B) Techniques:

    • • “Lead By Example”
    • • Set standards and expectations
    • • Demonstrate good work ethic
    • • Professionalism (maintain “boss” status, express concerns)
    • • Provide tasks to each intern throughout entire semester
    • • Have list of projects to be started/completed over semester
    • • Break down each project into tasks to be assigned to individuals on daily or

      weekly basis.

    • • Have consistent group and individual meetings
    • • Openly communicate with all other directors, meet on a regular basis
    • • Designate time for each individual intern (meetings or work days)
    • • Program Group meetings on regular basis
    • • Valley Group meetings (beginning/end each stint?)
    • • Be resourceful
    • • Research and have plans/ideas ready for interns (demonstrate knowledge of


    • • Be ready to help interns/ guide them in right direction (ex. with personal projects)



    • Demonstrate quality leadership abilities
    • Educate
    • Further expand the farm in every aspect.
    • Teach proper techniques for specific farm work/operations.

    D) Agriculture Projects:

    1) Irrigation system:

    • -Design/create basic system for current plants
    • – Make it simple to expand during semester and future semesters as more crops areas are created

    2) Clear/Clean up farm within fence:

    • -Clearing out all grass and brush
    • -This will allow easier movement throughout farm
    • -Make planting, setting up of new areas, and work easier
    • -Makes area look neat and organized

    3) Expand Current Crops: (Plantain area is a perfect permaculture example

    • -Group discussion on Permaculture.  What is Permaculture?
    • -Increase the area and amount of plantains and yucca.
    • -Set up a more organized orchard scheme for more fruit trees near agro forest area.
    • -Plant more herbs, quick growing items in garden beds.
    • -Expand current garden beds.

    4) Prepare areas for more crops:

    • -Clear areas for more crops.
    • -Create more garden beds for quick growing crops.
    • -Create space for larger mass growing of crops.
    • -Create special garden beds for kitchen herbs
    • -Determine if we can build a steppe type garden bed on slope.
    • -Design/create space for crop rotation.


    Design official farm lay out and paths:

    • -Create farm map/layout of crops, specific areas, where things are.
    • -Work with outdoor rec. to create paths and designated walking areas throughout the farm.

    6) Work in the mature fruit orchard:

    • -Clearing out and cleaning up the orchard
    • -Prune/manicure fruit trees where needed
    • -Harvesting fruits.
    • -Teach proper pruning techniques.
    • -Teach proper harvesting techniques.

    7) Create experimental fertilizer/potting soil:

    • -Create organic fertilizer using resources found locally.
    • -Collecting pumice stones for smashing.
    • -Collecting sawdust.
    • -Collecting rotten leaves.
    • -Collecting cow/horse manure.
    • -Collecting magic circle muck.
    • -Collecting soil from our soil mound.

    8) Look into potential/immediate Agro-Business possibilities:

    • -Work with business program to develop an agro business.
    • -What can we do with the fruit from the orchard?
    • -Marmalade, jelly, juices, etc. MORE  MORE MORE????
    • -Fertilizer/potting soil: this is my secret recipe.
    • -Market to upscale ex-patriots/friends/Casco crowd.
    • -KY marmalade $14.99 a mason jar 100% organic.

    9) Joint SM/ESL/CO/ Agriculture project:

    • -Work with San Miguel team to develop agriculture lesson plan to be taught at school one day or more.
    • -Teach a class about different local crops and their health benefits/affects.
    • -Teach the English name of local plants/crops: Platanos=Plantain.
    • -Afterschool farming workshop.

    10) Beautification Projects:

    • -Plant ornamental plants around ranchos, farm fence line.
    • -Plant ornamentals along designated walkways in farm.
    • -Line driveways/roads inside property with ornamentals/trees
    • -Head out into the jungle to explore and find exotic plants/flowers to transplant into farm.

    11) Replanting hardwood trees:

    • -Replant at hardwood trees that were cut for rancho construction.
    • -At least 4:1 ratio(4 trees planted for every 1 that’s cut)

    12) Expand Farm Perimeter:

    • -Put in more fencing to increase the size of farming area.
    • -Keep in line with development designs

    13) Fence Work:

    • -Repair/rebuild any property fence that is damaged or non existence.
    • -Keeps neighbors cows/horses out of property.
    • -Teach proper barbwire fence construction techniques.

    14) Build new Chicken Coop:

    • Design new chicken coop
    • Build chicken coop
    • Copy old chicken coop
    • Have 2-3 chicken coops

    E) Tasks:

    These tasks are specifically for agriculture interns who may at some point during the workday find themselves with some free time or nothing to do. They are open for any other programs interns to do as well if they find themselves in the same situation but must speak with me before setting out to do certain tasks. This list will change and be updated as time goes on.

    • -Machete Work: Clearing grass brush from inside farm perimeter and outside around ranchos, volleyball court, bathroom
    • -Weeding in garden beds, the small trees, and other crops to make sure nothing is getting choked out.
    • -Collecting worms for vermin compost.
    • -Collecting grass/brush for compost.
    • -Collecting saw dust for garden beds and bathroom.
    • -Collecting wood for fires.
    • -Collecting logs and river rocks for lining garden beds and paths.
    • -Collecting pumice stones from river for fertilizer.
    • -Uncovering and finding more areas of the awesome soil mounds created by Catalino.
    • -Gathering and transplanting more plantains. (Authorization Required)
    • -Gathering wild ginger for transplant.
    • -Collecting and keeping all seeds from anything we eat: fruits, vegetables, anything Largo cooks with.
    • -Walk fence line to look for damage.
    • -Collect soil from around from/property to do basic soil tests.
    • -Measuring and documenting weekly growth of plants.
    • -Collecting cow/horse manure.
    • -Finding and transplanting wild ornamentals (Bird of paradise)
    • -Cleaning chicken coop every other day
    • -Watering plants
    • -Always putting tools back after you use them.
    • -Keeping an eye out for any tools left out in the farm.
    • -Checking everyday on all plants in farm and their condition
    • -Taking notes on plants in farm. (Height, Leaf discoloration, insects, etc)
    • -Harvesting wild Culantro for Largo to cook with.
    • -Harvesting anything that is ready in the farm for Largo to cook with.(Authorization Required)
    • -Interns are free to go and speak with Camillo about any opportunities to help him milk his cows.