• Special thanks to a special family

  • Admin07/19/2013
  • What does it mean to be a team? It is more than just wearing the same colors or sharing a common goal. For me, being a team is about being a family. A family which listens to each member in earnest and cares about each person’s health and well being at all times.

    This week, I learned a lot about family. My best friend from high school, whose friendship I have held dear for over a decade, came to visit Panama and see the incredible work happening here in the valley. First, I will say we had an amazing time in San Blas and introducing him to the people in both the city and San Miguel venues… but my real excitement came when I brought him to the valley.

    Everyone was so welcoming and warm. My buddy, Steve, was not a stranger here, but one of us. I was so proud of my Kalu Yala family for opening their arms and their hearts during his time here. I knew they would, but it was so nice to see Steve being brought so readily into our culture, welcomed so easily into our family.

    I am thankful to have had the opportunity to surround myself with so many amazing people this semester. My KY family has had a huge impact on me. My family here was built on strength and laughter, acceptance and understanding. I am part of a team in which there is neither an all-star player nor anyone who is permanently benched. We are all an integral park and we all work together for the betterment of each other and our Panamanian society.