• Reflections on Running by Lindsey Sanborn

  • Admin06/17/2013
  • *today’s Education/Community Outreach blog post comes from the multi-talented Lindsey Sanborn. Enjoy!

    Running makes me tick. It is my preferred mode of transport, and my most serene state. It is my proverbial vessel, which enables me to navigate through unknown waters. Running is the foundation for my inner-equilibrium. It is the best method of discovering a new setting. I take in the new scenery and culture while completing my workout of fartlek, long distance or tempo runs. These runs offer me with unparalleled insight into diverse cultures. As I run through the “lomas” y “montanas” of the Panamanian countryside, I exchange smiles with the locals, greeting them with “buenas”. I feel the warmth and congeniality of the Panamanian people as I lock eyes with them, even if just for a fleeting moment. On my runs, I have encountered a plethora of animals: horses, snakes, lizards, iguanas, cows as well as stray dogs. The people and the animals alike appreciate that my running is a foreign spectacle, but are welcoming nonetheless. As I run through the Panamanian panorama, I feel like a pioneer, conquering unexplored territory.

    One day, a nine year-old boy stopped me as I was running. He inquisitively asked, “Qué estas haciendo?” (What are you doing?).  I eagerly responded, “Estoy corriendo!” (I am running). The boy followed up, “Y porqué?” (And why?). I quickly responded, “Porque a mi me encanta correr.” (Because I love to run.). The boy responded with a nod and a coy smile, and sent me on my way. For the rest of the run, I pondered the boy’s profound “pregunta” (question). Why do I run? Running is my tool for experiencing new environs. I am an avid runner, who runs out of passion and curiosity for the unknown.Morning Sun in the Valley