• Outdoor Recreation: Fun & Family

  • Admin07/19/2013
  • With our Chagres camping trip behind us and only one work week ahead of us before field day/talent show and final presentations, the outdoor recreation team has kicked it into full gear and their efforts have paid off! Almost every project is done, and those that aren’t are only days away. The best part about the team is that we’ve shown through the good and the bad we persevere!

    Maddy says: “I’ve spent a majority of the summer learning with and helping others; but, this week, i’ve really had the opportunity to start fleshing out my own project. It’s been a good reminder for me about why I’m here and has instilled once more my passion for outdoor recreation. i’m excited to continue working! Oh, and the Chargres trip was so great- O.R. FO’ LYFE!”

    Adam says: “I spent my week cutting bamboo and digging! It was rather uneventful but overall a fun work week. I am at this point going to film a ride down the Chagres trail [next Thursday] and  I hope all goes well with that. Here is to the last two weeks being just as exciting.”

    Izzy says: “The past few weeks have flown by. The group came together for the trip to Chagres National Park. We made the hike out in the rain, but the view from the top of the trail was a once in a lifetime experience. As far as the challenge course goes, we’re finalizing the construction of our elements, clearing paths, and generally getting exciting for field day. Valley phrase of the day: ‘Crusty the bio-dog’, a neighbor’s dog that likes to hang out under the ranchos and go on hikes with us. ”

    Bonnie says: “Last week we went to Chagres National Park. The hike was super tough but one we got there and the pouring rain stopped it was fun. We had very interesting sleeping arrangements complete with a ‘Tarp City’ and several people falling  out of hammocks. Camping is a test of friendship for sure but we all made it out. This week we finished the seating in the hillside and even held the Town Hall meeting there. It was so amazing to see everyone sitting on our hillside after all the work we’ve done.”

    Kyle says: “These past couple weeks have paid off. The challenge course is finished. Now to the city to finish the challenge course manual. OR this semester has really constructed a noticeable building block in Kalu Yala.”

    Buddy says: “Often as I see the real world my faith in people have dwindled. Yet as the clock ticks down, my project just begins. My Panamanian family has been together to create our jungle chapel. Please pray for us.”

    Calli says: “The outdoor recreation program has continued to prove successful and entertaining. We ventured off into the rain and hiked to Chagres National Park for an overnight trip. Everyone taught educational lesson plans. i taught the crew how to light a fire with petroleum jelly and a magnesium strip. Work the past two weeks has progressed so much. i’ve so far identified 21 tress species on the property. I helped dig Duffy’s hydroponic hole and bring sand from the beach to the volleyball court. I also helped out agriculture by tilling Kaitlyn’s terrace and Effie’s garden.”

    David says: “This week in OR we have been able to finish the valleyball court and the seating for the stage! Preparations for field and presentations is at the top of our to-do list.”

    Lee says: Went on some cool hikes, tarzan swinging on vines, trail blazing through the thick and building the voodoo lounge- successful week in my book.”

    Hatton says: “Finished the voodoo lounge with Lee and Peter. At the end of the week Marie and Tyler, who are scouting for potential zip-line locations, came and I will be their jungle guide!”