• Outdoor Recreation Breaking Ground

  • Admin06/09/2013
  • This week solid progress was made by the outdoor recreation interns. It is clear with the work ethic we have seen that we are going to have an incredibly successful semester.

    Buddy says, “This week the outdoor recreation team has made great leaps on the forming of the volleyball court. The determination of the team is fascinating and soon we will have a fully operational court. This week I am working on the design of the chapel. I am currently seeking approval for the project and hope to see its creation.”

    David says, “Week 3 has been another very productive week in the valley for the Summer 2013 Kalu Yala interns. We have done a great job organizing our projects into a concise schedule/timeline. Communicating our thoughts and ideas with each other has been one of our weaknesses. Improving communication skills within the group is something we will work on next week, as well as in the future.”

    Sean says, “This was a good week, filled with learning, hard work, and fun. So it was just like every other week! Spanish lessons are going very well, porque yo puedo hablar en español un poco. The valley all court on the rec field is really starting to take shape, but there’s still a long way to go! Kyle, Izzy and I are beginning to plan out our low ropes course and we will begin construction next week! Last night I built a fire and we all sat around it. Playing music, chatting and just enjoying each other’s company. We are really a family out here!”

    Sara says, “Outdoor Rec had a very productive first week. We broke ground on our new volleyball court and all of the Or interns have begun mapping and planning their spaces. It is going to be a great summer. We are really excited about different outdoor rec activities that are beginning to take shape. OR has broken up into two teams to plan hiking trips to Chagres National Park and I am super stoked about that. Bry, Megan and Brig are fantastic directors. They have really proven their leadership and communication skills this week. It is such a pleasure to be a part of Kalu Ayala. I’m grateful for this whole experience.”

    Kyle says, “Yhis week was the official start of outdoor recreation. We started planning where and what exact activities we are planning. We also started building the volleyball court. Even though its hard work, everyone was staying positive and active. Sadly I had a headache that drained my energy and motivation, but I trucked through it to the end. I have finished all the lesson plans for the low ropes course. Next week in going to write about challenge courses, the facilitator and facilitator preparation. This will bring the challenge course closer to the completion of the manual. I believe the directors should slow down the group to the pace of slowest walker – ‘you are only as fast as your slowest.’ Dr Steve Guthrie.”

    Hatton says, “Thi nweek I got to explore the jungle. Briggette took Peter and I on a trail blaze to the top of the tributary. We drank crystal clear water straight from the source – cold and clear. It was delicious.”

    DuPre says, “the nitty gritty has begun. The construction of the new volleyball court in the rec park is well underway. The drainage trench flows with the sweat of the hole diggers an heavy rock carriers. The stars have brightened and the morale continues to flourish. The time here has flown by and I saw some monkeys- it was dope!”

    our river, where we gathered rocks for the volleyball court

    Peter says, “This week was a long, hardworking week. We started diving up projects, but mainly worked on the new volleyball court. Briggette’s showed us a cool spot up from the tributary and the next day Hatton and I went up it. Found a turtle a the very top and many cool frogs along the way. Also saw howler monkeys trice this week. Saw five shooting stars Wednesday night and another Thursday night. Strength of the week was helping other people out and biting my tongue at certain times. Weakness of the week was still not knowing where the trail is going. Oh, and I GOT CORNROWS!”

    Kristen says, “Ee broke ground on our new recreation park this week, starting with my design for the new sand volleyball court. It was difficult getting everyone on the same page since the project is such a large scale, but I enjoyed learning how to take criticism and input from other interns. Managing the project has been the best experience ai could have asked for here and we’re only half-way through!”

    progress of the volleyball court made this week

    Bonnie says, “This week I had Spanish class every morning. I’m going to test it out this weekend. Hope I get less strange looks when I’m ordering food! After Spanish I’ve been helping make the new volleyball court which has really taken shape in the last few days. There has been a lot of wildlife around the camp this week. A herd of cows have made it in our fence, butterflies were mating on the volleyball court, there was a bat in the hen house the other night, and a friends dog has been hanging out with us all week. Welcome or not. Exciting things are happening here at Kalu Yala. I finished writing this after four horses came running through camp. Never a dull moment!”

    Lee says, “This week has been fun! We have so many great ideas and I can’t wait to implement them. I am going to put an observation deck at the top of the honey creeper and a shelter for people to escape the rain. Cool.”

    Maddy says, “This week I’ve learning a lot about the people I’m going to be working with for the next two months and I am extraordinarily privileged. The other Outdoor Rec interns and directors are intelligent and hardworking people and I know I am going to learn so much from everyone on my team. We’ve only just started our new volleyball court and everyone is already altering and bettering plans as well as rolling with the punches. My team makes me so certain that our new Rec park is going to be a success!

    Rachel says, “Despite every muscle in my body feeling sore and tense, this week was filled with some awesome group and personal experiences. First, we’ve broken ground on the new Rec field and the first project we’re tackling is the “valleyball” court. It’s been a lot of manual labor, but the outdoor rec team is amazing, so we’ve gotten a lot done in only three days. Second, I witnessed the most amazing shooting star I’ve ever seen. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought it was fireworks! Lastly, I miss my family and friends terribly, but it feels good to be alone. It’s been easier to reflect on who I am, where I come from and where I want to be. But with that said, can’t wait to skype with them this weekend! Boom.”

    digging trenches for drainage around the court

    Adam says, “So the first three days of this week went swimmingly. Monday through Wednesday were spent working in the rec field. Clearning a space for the valleyball court, marking out territories for individual projects, digging, digging and more digging. I started research for the mountain bike loop, but this side of the property yields little to no area usable for bilding a sustainable trail. Hopefully when Kate returns with a large topo map I can figure out a better option.

    digging trenches around the volleyball court

    Izzy says, “This week we’ve been working the new valleyball court, as well as our personal projects and our trip to the National Park, Chagres. For my personal project, myself and my team members have staked out our ropes course and have ordered the supplies for the first element. This week I also had a gauanabana for the first time, which was delicious, and saw my first capuchin monkeys! Living in the rainforest is grand. Valley phrase of the week: Valleyball – intense valley, style volleyball.”