• Outdoor Rec gets ready to finish strong

  • Admin06/29/2013
  • With next week being a vacation week and only three weeks after that before final presentations, the Outdoor Rec team has been pushing to make some serious headway on their projects. No project has come without its struggles, but they are all coming together greatly!

    Calli: “This week in outdoor rec proved to be extremely progressive. In the low ropes course, the spider web was completed and the stumps for the Acid River [renamed Pacora Passage] have all been placed. So far there are almost 4 completed elements and the Trust Fall has been started. The help and effort from the whole group has been an excellent representation of teamwork.”

    Sean: “Great week in terms of the challenge course! The spiderweb is complete, the wild woozy is near completion, the acid river is done, and the trust fall is under construction. We also hiked to the waterfall on Thursday, which was an incredible hike to paradise in the jungle. Morning workouts with Max (total valley fitness) is awesome! Life goes on, but each week goes quicker and quicker.”

    Adam: “Talk about an eventful few days. I finished my trail building in Kalu Yala manual, saw three beautiful snakes; two venomous, fur de lance and one eyelash palm viper, and a baby boa which I relocated from from Base Camp to the rooty and rocky banks of the Pacora. This has been a crazy week, but it made me realize how few weeks i have left in this wonderful place with these amazing people.”

    Hatton: “This week I helped David with the amphitheater. Did more exploring with Lee in the hills. Yesterday took initial hikes into Chagres. 10+ miles but it was worth it.”

    Sara: “Another big week: I spent some time with Ag on the fram helping Kaitlin with her terrace project. For my own project, I was able to do some crucial research and started seriously collecting wood for charcoal production. I’m very excited for Bonnie and David’s stage and natural seating; Izzy, Kyle, Sean, and Calli’s challenge course, and DuPre’s mini golf project. The rec field is starting to really look like a park. We’ve hit the 1/2 way mark. I’m going to be sad to leave Panama in August.”

    David: “This week we have been extremely successful in the transformation and construction of the rec field. Every single project has been able to take a huge step in the right direction, resulting in a universal feeling of success and progress.”

    Lee: “Went to Chagres with the elite hiking group. Covered approximately 11 miles, so sore…”

    Maddy: “Outdoor Rec has been killing it this week. After spending most of my time helping Kaitlin with her terracing, the changes apparent on the Rec Park (official name to be determined) are literally astounding. I am so proud of all my fellow interns! The park looks amazing!”

    Kyle: “This week was quite the eye-opener. The challenge course has two completed elements and two elements that are almost finished. Thursday we hiked through the jungle for a couple hours to reach a beautiful waterfall. It was a much needed day. I can’t wait to finish my projects.”

    The Outdoor Recreation team is looking for an official name for our park! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Comment below 🙂