• How To Travel Without A Plan

  • Admin04/01/2013
  • Planning trips can be a long and tedious process that often has to be adjusted later due to conditions that are out of your control. For the brave or lazy traveler here are some tips for vacations without planning.

    1. Purchase one way tickets, this way you can travel as far as you want and for as long as you want. This could also cost more money and in some cases a round trip ticket might ensure you keep to a timeline.
    2. Make sure at least one person in the group can speak the local language.
    3. Arrange a place to stay before you get on the plane/bus to a new location. Nothing is worse than looking for a hostel in the rain in a city you don’t know.
    4. Bring good walking shoes, chances are you’ll be walking a lot. Unless you rented a car in which case you planned way too far ahead.
    5. Ask the locals for places to eat, they will know cheaper places that are less touristy and probably have better food then McDonalds.
    6. Ask at the front desk for activities, hostels and hotels know the local tour groups and can provide you with activities that are good for the current weather/ your current energy level.
    7. Learn to sleep on the road, many places will offer overnight or early morning transportation this is a great option because it allows a full day in two places instead of spending half a day traveling.
    8. Watch your money, it’s difficult to find the best deals when you’re doing everything in the moment so be ready to spend the extra 20 dollars for a taxi if the bus schedule doesn’t fit your needs.
    9. Go big, there’s no point in not planning your trip out if you’re going to waste all your time debating how much to do. Do the bungee jumping and eat the second dish of ice cream, it is a vacation.
    10. Be smart, it goes without saying but it’s still important. If something seems off about a driver, guide or hostel just leave, it might cost time and money but it will be worth it.