We’re building houses, brick by brick, to prove an idea: That beautiful architecture, constructed by the dignified hands of artisans, which is healthy for us and our planet, can also be affordable.

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To do so, we’ve partnered with Hope for Architecture, purveyors of Affordable Permanence, and Studio Sky, creators of The Original Green and Smart Dwellings, to deliver dream homes at down to earth prices.

Part of what makes this possible is Place. Our valley is located at the perfect altitude where temperatures reach 84 degrees every afternoon and cool to 68 degrees every night, letting natural, native materials do the work of keeping you comfortable 24/7.

The other part is Business, so we’ve designed our company and its finances to not be in a hurry like everyone else’s, choosing to do things well instead. Real estate makes up less than ⅓ of our business model, so we are able to set a limit of only building 20 houses per year and make sure we can get each one right.

Since business needs to be local first, we’ve partnered with Panama’s most prestigious design firm, George Moreno & Partners, to coordinate and lead the design efforts. Owner George Moreno is also an investor and homeowner.

And because a community isn’t just a collection of beautiful homes, but rather how they relate to one another to form memorable towns, Kalu Yala’s master plan and streets have been designed by Moule & Polyzoides, co-founders of The New Urbanism, award winning-architects and planners, and perpetual romantics of place.


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The first 20 homes are set to be built in 2019 and have already been sold, but inquire to learn more and get on the waitlist for the next round.

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