• Fleeting Moments in Paradise

  • Admin04/10/2013

    Life is surreal. Happiness engulfs me. Everything is the way it should be.

    These feelings come from a place, San Blas. A tropical paradise that exposed my eyes to a colorful dream I never thought would exist in my own reality.

    Endless blue sea, turquoise and electric, underneath, brimming with life. Schools of fish stretch onwards for eternity above coral abodes, where life darts in and out. Predator prey chaos, creates its own perfect balance.

    For dinner the taste of fresh lobster, mixed with my salty lips, and salty air. Sun sets, and silhouettes appear against the yellow and purple streaked sky. A fire of burning palm leaves in the sand, lights the faces of good friends drinking from a bottle of rum. We talk and mostly laugh, peacefully stranded on an island under the starry sky.

    I returned to the city and tried to hold onto these images and feelings fresh in my mind. I tried to turn them into something concrete, I could own forever, like a silver locket worn close to the chest. Unfortunately a photo can’t fully capture the way the sun reflected against the white sand beneath the crystal clear water. A memory can only grasp at the feeling of being sun kissed, sticky, sandy, and surrounded by friends in a tropical paradise. At least I did my best to embrace those feelings while they lasted.