• Final Community Outreach Projects

  • Admin04/15/2013
  • Our spring semester here at Kalu Yala officially ended this past Friday. Although much of our work was completed and the majority of interns have already been dropped off at the airport and arrived home, one thing that we hope will not end are our connections with one another and with what brought us together in the first place.

    For myself and the Community Outreach program, I couldn’t have asked for better interns – Morgan and Britney dedicated themselves to their projects and completed so many that they actually had to choose which ones to write and present about. Above and beyond projects, they were both beautiful people whom I’m going to miss dearly. I know that the future looks bright for them both though, and they are going on to bring their intelligence, humor, kindness and many talents to other people and places.


    Britney’s Kinder Curriculum, complete with songs and activities, some of which could be used for the Art & Music class Britney also lead this semester.


    Morgan’s write-up of all the garden projects completed by her, Britney and myself.


    Morgan’s impressions of San Miguel, hopefully a future dialogue between interns.


    Morgan’s Arbol de la Vida program.