• Fall 2013 Biology Program Goals

  • Admin08/27/2013
  • Personal Goals as a Director:

    • Demonstrate leadership by promoting students’ personal growth, self-reflection, and mentorship

    • Stay focused, efficient, and consistent

    • Facilitate research and continuous learning

    • Emphasize and implement adventure, environmental awareness, and healthy challenge

    • Promote collaboration

    • Create realistic timelines and meet established benchmarks

    • Encourage open communication

    Overall Biology Program Goals:

    • Document biodiversity and research ecological interactions

    • Develop and propose a continual, long-term ecological monitoring project

    • Collaborate with other programs

    • Improve overall sustainability

    • Gain more experience and knowledge as a field biologist

    Director Led Projects:

    • Ecological studies on the farm

    • Beekeeping- research and start a hive

    • Soil testing

    • Weather monitoring

    • Develop a working greywater treatment plan

    • Create and install species identification signs

    Possible Student Led Projects:

    • Random plot discoveries to study the surrounding jungle (species identification, density, habitats, interactions, food webs, abiotic environment)

    • Begin a rainwater collection system

    • Research innovative irrigation and composting methods

    • Draft an Environmental Management System (EMS) for Kalu Yala

    • Initiate an ornithology project

    • Tree identification- build on already existing data