• Fall 2013 Agriculture Goals

  • Admin09/05/2013

    The Kalu Yala agriculture program will consist of an 8-hour workday.  The first four hours will consist of working in the maintenance and upkeep of the farm including the expanding and growing new and existing crops.  The main goal for the Fall 2013 semester will be working on building up the farm to a level that will sustain interns living in Kalu Yala, which will drastically reduce the outside cost of food.  The second main goal will be to design and set up an irrigation system throughout the current developed farm area for preparation of the dry season, which will begin in December.

    The second half of each workday will consist of interns working on personal projects/ideas. Interns will be pushed to test their ideas, which will greatly provide valuable learning experience through a hand on approach. Interns will also be encouraged to continue the work and maintenance of former projects.

    The different projects and areas of work in the farm throughout the Fall 2013 semester will as follows:

    – Irrigation Design/work

    – Chicken Coop Upkeep

    – Goat Upkeep

    – Maintaining of garden beds

    – Weeding

    – Planting

    – Transplanting

    – Maintaining of fruit trees

    – Proper Mulching Techniques

    – Proper Pruning Techniques

    – Proper Planting Techniques

    – Graphing Trees

    – Creation of Garden Beds

    – Specific vegetable garden beds

    – Pathways and layout of farm

    – How to propagate tropical species

    – How to propagate herbs

    – Starting seeds in greenhouse

    – Different Compost Techniques

    – Farm Infrastructure Work

    – Starting major wind block

    And Much More!

    Alex Goff

    Agriculture Director

    Farm Manager

    Kalu Yala Fall 2013