• Diggin’ in the Dirt

  • Admin06/09/2014
  • Hello Kalu Yala fans! This is Austin Smith diggin’ in the dirt and fillin you in on whats new on the farm!

    We finally started a week where spanish classes are no longer in session. For me personally, I really liked the classes, but I like spending time on the farm more. Audrey, a fellow member of the Ag Team said she was learning a ton from the classes, which is impressive since she is a French student back home. But lets get down to Ag life, because let me tell you, Ag life is booming.

    Day one n the farm, the farm looked liked one overgrown weed. Now, the farm has really taken shape. Our fearless leader, Dylan, Ag Director, says that the farm is, “gettin there”, which is great progress for us. Fellow Ag intern Jackie, who has recently joined our team tells me that, “It’s great to see the progress we have made as a team, and the shape that the farm is taking.”

    Life on the farm is not just about planting and pulling weeds, it’s about learning sustainable practices. Jake, a real work horse on the farm says that,” learning comes a lot faster by getting out there and doing things and just hangin in the field.” Marius also feels like he has been through a,”week of transformation” by connecting with the land and everything on it.

    Everyone on the farm is really bonding and having a great time: laughing and working hard together at the same time. As for me, this place has truly been an inspiration.I hope the community that has been built here will stay for the longest time, and rest assured, AG team is doing our part to make that happen. Thank you for your support of Kalu Yala! I’m Austin Smith, stay classy Ag fans.

    Ag side, strong side- Ag team motto.