• Diggin’ for Success

  • Admin06/06/2014
  • Through the constant application of diligent work, the orchards and fields are again thriving under our watchful care. The over abundant growth is being hacked away by machetes, hoes, and hands. Finally, we are beginning to feel like captains of our own ship. As I scribble this down in the pouring rain, I can see Jelly, a fellow Ag intern, pulling cow grass tirelessly from the terrace. Through blisters and bites, the Ag team remains triumphant!

    Many projects are in development for each of us and they will be materializing soon. Hannah is constructing a tinkle tower to re-purpose nitrogen rich urine for fertilizer. Jake is experimenting with green composting, a necessity in flood-prone tropical soil. Nicole Hunt is our resident green thumb planting basil, passion fruit, yuca, you name it. The other Nicole is attempting to create a healing herb garden with purposes for health and beauty. Audrey is never slacking, applying herself with an energetic spirit in everything she does. Arthur’s brain is one of our greatest resources. Jackie is our newest member, switching from San Miguel to the Ag team. And I myself, am working on the cultivation and preparation of crickets for human consumption.  This whole team unfailingly whistles as they work and has been greatly accepting of each other.

    [singlepic id=6785 w=320 h=240 float=center]

    Together, we would all like to do a shout out to our fearless leader Dylan. He holds that ideal torch, the vision of permaculture that has brought us all here together. This team is Atlas, the foundation that carries our ideal world. What we are creating is not always immediately evident, but the future of this farm looks bright in our toughening hands. Wish us luck with this weeks coming tests and tribulations.