True sustainability does not exist unless it creates jobs, which makes Kalu Yala a launchpad for new businesses. These startups serve our local community and export our ideas and products to the world. For this express purpose, we have built an incubator and funding ramp designed to cater exclusively to young or local entrepreneurs. To provide this unique platform, Kalu Yala has partnered with seasoned investors, bringing funds from Silicon Valley to our jungle valley.

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Tim Draper backed Dream Ventures invests in covering the costs of incorporation, pitch decks, branding, websites and launch materials. Then, Kalu Yala uses our extensive network to deliver low to no interest peer-to-peer lending from our banking institution, The Good Bank, to fund inventory production. Finally, our own in house seed capital firm, Breakeven Ventures, covers two years of living expenses for Founders to make sure they aren’t worried about paying bills, so they can focus on kicking ass.

Let’s make some money. Let’s live our dreams. Let’s share them with the world.
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