• Biology Update

  • Admin06/28/2013
  • The biology team has been busy lately!
    Water quality testing has been a major priority for the team. Some of the crew went to Portobelo along with a few health and wellness interns to master techniques for assessing the health of the nearby tributaries and rivers. They ran all over Panama City to gather supplies to construct an incubator to monitor bacteria colonies that may be living in the water supply. Temperature, flow, pH, and a variety of substances are other aspects of stream health the team is keeping track of.
    Another project in the biology program is local tree species cataloging. It is critical to be aware of the types of trees and their relative distribution to begin ecological monitoring as the property undergoes major changes in the upcoming years. A sustainable forest management plan is in its beginning stages to ensure future development is done in the true spirit of Kalu Yala.
    Leaf litter plots and selectively placed tree frog homes in and around the property help the team understand the population dynamics of the abundant variety of amphibian species.
    Members of the biology team as well as outdoor recreation interns continue to scout a great deal of the Tres Brazos valley and Chagres National Park for clean water sources and ideal zones for future use. The biology interns are eagerly taking detailed notes on the vertebrate, invertebrate, fungal, and plant communities.