• Biology Team Visits Barro Colorado Island

  • Admin06/28/2013
  • The biology team had an exciting field trip to Barro Colorado Island!
    After an early morning packed with cab rides, multiple buses and a boat ride up the canal, the team made it to the pride and joy of the Barro Colorado Nature Monument. It was a treat to explore the world famous research station run by the Smithsonian Institute, which has inspired many other natural research programs due to its prolonged success.
    A guide led the team around a mere 2 kilometers of the island, which is protected strictly and human interference is kept to an absolute minimum. Even though we were only shown a fraction of the area, there was no shortage of flora and fauna. Families of howler monkeys, crested guans, snakes, agoutis, towering trees, amazing fungal colonies, poison dart frogs, stunning butterflies, and much more made the hike educational and fun.
    Touring the research facilities also allowed us to get a peek at the inner workings of the isolated research community. It was inspirational to see the kind of research that Kalu Yala can potentially start as it grows.