• Biology Team Update

  • Admin07/06/2013
  • Water Quality Testing : The “water girls,” as we like to call them in the valley, have successfully began testing for e coli and coli-forms. An incubator was made, by placing a light bulb, attached to a dimmer, inside of a styrofoam cooler. This is to keep the water samples at a constant temperate, to ensure to success of the testing. Each day that water samples are gathered, they have to be hiked in to the San Miguel house, and placed in the incubator. Gathering the supplies was a bit of a journey, but the girls proved strong and finished a week of testing, before setting off for vacation.

    Although they have plenty of work ahead of them, they are enthusiastic about what lies ahead. Lets be honest, what young scientist wouldn’t be excited about an experiment, in the jungle?