• Agriculture Makes Great Progress

  • Admin06/20/2013
  • Even with the short week, we have gotten things done and the gardne is growing! As a team, we have weeded and mulched many of the garden beds.

    With some help from the biology boys and Max, we have weeded and sanded all of the paths in and around the garden.

    Maddy has continued to turn her humanure compost every day and is pleased with how it is going. Kaitlin has made significant progress on her terraces despite having to dig at some massive rocks.

    Effie and Lisa’s mendala herb garden is underway. Rock are being laid and the design is being finalized.

    Maddie and Melissa started the remodeling process for the new chicken coop. Cosette and Jacalyn are finalizing the design for the project and getting together a materials list.

    Animal Science had a meeting Tuesday and made a plan to go visit and work with local farmers for the rest of the semester. They plan to make a plan for introducing livestock to the valley in the future.


    The garden is looking great with the addition of sawdust over the beds and sand on the paths. Both of these things are to help stop the growth of weeds and it also makes the entire garden more aesthetically pleasing!


    There is lots of teaching and learning going on about different farming methods. Here a pineapple’s roots are being found so it can be properly planted. We can’t wait until we can use all of these things in our kitchen!


    The new compost station is on the far left, the existing green house in the middle and the framed, new green house on the right. The physical progress of our garden continues to expand and we couldn’t be more excited about the work going on.


    It is the rainy season in Panama right now so most afternoons we get a good bit of rain. While this leads to many wet shoes and gloves, the hundreds of new plants are loving the attention they are getting.


    The newly sanded paths really change how the garden looks. We are working to get them compacted down so they aren’t slippery when it’s wet and to keep weeds to a minimum!