• A new home away from home

  • Admin09/21/2013
  • When I first found out I was heading off to live in the jungle for 2.5 months I was ecstatic – and nervous. In the time leading up to departure nerves took over almost completely and the excitement started to dwindle. I had never left home for more than 2 weeks before and even then I still had the luxury of talking to my family whenever I wanted. New people, new places, and completely new surroundings – I was heading off on the biggest adventure of my life – and I was terrified. But soon enough I was on the plane (luckily for me with one of my closest friends) and on my way to an entirely new way of living.


    Little did I know the people here would make me feel comfortable immediately, get rid of the nerves and start up the excitement once again. I already feel like I’m at a home away from home. Yes, a home where only a small group of people speak English, but that just gives opportunity to learn some spanish. Yes, a home without my immediate family, but less than 3 weeks in and I feel I have already made some lasting friendships. Yes, a home with completely different terrain, but as soon as I start to feel claustrophobic in the mountains we head out to the city where I can see as far as possible across the ocean. There are even friendly dogs to make me feel better when I start to miss my dogs at home in Canada.

    So thank-you to all the great people of Kalu Yala for making me feel at home and making the next 2.5 months just that much better.