• A letter to myself in 5 years.

  • Admin03/24/2013
  • When you try to remember every detail you always lose something… it’s like trying to carry water in your hands… you never forget what it feels like but some slips through the cracks.Every moment spent in the Valley has shaped and changed my outlook on life … so in order to hold those moments, I wrote a letter to myself in 5 years. I hope that former interns can remember the moments we are feeling know and future interns can create their own… but most of all I hope I never forget the way the water feels…

    This is part of the letter from Wednesday, 13-3-13The original letter exceeds 15 pages. Suggested listening while reading “Peace in the Valley” by Dawes. I have added pictures purely for the readers entertainment.

    Dear Marcella,

    I hope that in 5 years you haven’t forgotten the beauty of the Jungle. The green in the tress and the dream in your heart. Think of the rest of the Valley Crew that changed your path and shaped your future. Do you see them? What are they doing? Where are the living and how have you shaped them?

    Remember pooping in a bucket
    and bathing in the river
    and singing to the plants in the green house
    and ant bites between your toes
    and “Spider TV.”

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    Remember everyone around the fire when Ian made a toast
    and your first hike in
    and your first “honey-creep”
    and your first hike to Ramone’s waterfall…
    and then remember how you thought you would die of exhaustion in the middle
    and you thought you could die in celebration of the top.

    Remember that even when you reach the top that might not be the destination, or the end of the journey.

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    Remember the sound of the wind in the trees
    and the birds in the sky
    and the rush of the river
    and the miracle of a rainbow.

    Remember Tangbuelo,
    and the day running water came to camp
    and using hot sauce and cigarettes as currency
    and the warm rock on the beach.

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    Remember the dreams of the Duende
    and bedtime stories in the hen house
    and the healing power of tea
    and the fights with the chickens
    and the importance of checking for eggs before you crawl into bed.

    Remember the taste of mandarins off the tree
    and manzana de aqua
    and  tamarindo
    and guanabana
    and guava.

    Remember waking up to the howlers and Alejandro,
    and watching the sun set behind the mountains from a hammock
    and the debate between hammock and ham hock
    and jungoogle.

    Remember lizards
    and the bat tree
    and Chicha Fuerte
    and base burns
    and full moons in the Valley
    and  remember what it feels like to use all of your senses.

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    Remember the faith this put back in you for the future of humanity. Remember the strength each person shared and the hope for tomorrow. Remember the passion in a group of 21 people free-ranging a community in the jungle.

    Remember the fear when everyone realized they had to figure out life, and the day we realized it didn’t matter? Incidentally, I hope you still haven’t figured out the meaning, it will ruin all the fun. Remember the spring in the Valley and the love for the place the people and for the dream.

    Remember the dream and protect it with your life.

    Remember it all because it will never happen again. Remember it because life can be difficult the more things you attain, but remember that until you accept the things you cannot have, the things you can have will never change and never grow. Remember the change when you connect with nature and with people.

    Remember, because life is too important to forget the light bulb, aha!, come to Jesus moments. Life is too important to forget the sting of blisters and the mighty winds. Now go out and make sure your life is in line.

    Pura Vida,