Kalu Yala is a new village being built in a Panamanian river valley to bring together entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and modern day romantics. Here, we are reimagining what’s possible from life and designing an optimized model of living to share with the world.

Let’s build together.

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our formula

  • Educate+

    Students from around the world come to Kalu Yala to work in a real world environment as part of our town’s research and development team.

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  • Connect +

    Events and Hospitality connect us to people and their resources while sending Kalu Yala’s lifestyle and best practices back home with them.

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  • Build+

    The art of building is alive and well at Kalu Yala, as we construct the homes and spaces needed for people and businesses to thrive in our valley.

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  • Launch+

    We’ve brought Silicon Valley funds to our custom designed entrepreneur launchpad so ideas can turn into financial returns and jobs at Kalu Yala.

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“Your ideas are brilliant. They are the future.”


 — Andres Duany founder of new urbanism